Orbiting the Giant Hairball…

"Genius is an innocent casualty in society's efforts to train children away from natural-born foolishness."

I’m beginning my adventure with this “Giant Hairball” to better strengthen my ministry.  As one of the (YMCP) recommended readings, I am looking forward to how this (secular) book will sharpen my ministry philosophy in a way that I can communicate it clearly and consistently.  My prayer is that as I study this book and think through the process of staying creative in a society that says creativity is dangerous, I will build on my Spiritual Gift of Artistic Creativity and help others keep and strengthen theirs as well!  Stay tuned for an exciting ride!!!

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  1. “Thou Shalt Not Have It Easy” – Chapter Six

    In life it seems like we are always running aground in our efforts to be original. Why is that? Is it because we are no different than the person sitting next to us at the bus stop? Is it because we are predictable and therefore, not different, not clever, not original? Or is it because we are told to act and be a certain way in order to “fit in”.

    What does it mean to “fit in” for you?

    When you got your first job, I’m sure you had all sorts of ideas on how to accomplish each task apart from how you were told to achieve each task. Didn’t it seem like over time you were beaten into submission to follow the path of those who came before you? What if your way was more efficient and easier than the current system or tradition? Is having an “easy job” taboo in your corporation’s culture?

    “When a corporation prizes those who are heroically overworked in stress-filled jobs, a siren song whispers to everyone else in the organization:
    ‘Make your job difficult,
    stretch yourself thin,
    stress yourself out
    and eventually you, too,
    may be honored with executive approval.’
    This cultural seduction plays into the old illusion that if we just work hard enough, and if we just work long enough…
    we will finally be found valuable…
    finally be found loveable…
    and finally find security.”

    I’m here to say that this notion is what has been driving the American Culture for the last 50+ years. It has become so much a part of our culture that if we dare “think outside the box”, we will be branded as dangerous, or as a bare minimum – counter cultural.

    Wasn’t Jesus counter-cultural. I mean, how many passages do we read in the Bible that talk about Jesus “working hard”? It never says that He gained callouses on his hands or a bad back because He lifted so much weight for a really long time. It never talked about Jesus climbing the corporate ladder. Who was Jesus’ Rabbi? If He was called Rabbi or Teacher, who selected and taught Jesus? I’m pretty sure, because of His relationship with His Father, that Jesus’ Rabbi was God the Father…not just any educated Pharisee.

    So what was the “Giant Hairball” that Jesus “Orbited”? Was it the Roman Empire? Was it the Pharisees? Was it the people that He ministered to on a daily basis? I believe that Jesus was (is, and always will be) the Champion of what He did (does and is doing). The people of His day were able to witness, firsthand, the Champion at work. We are able to witness, secondhand, the Champion at work. Jesus is as valid today as He was thousands of years ago. Jesus responsibility wasn’t easy and ours isn’t either, but our value and worth aren’t found in the stress and pain of that responsibility. Our value and worth are found in Christ’s Call on our life – to do His Will.

    So, may you find your God-given calling to Orbit the Hairballs in your life and to find strength in Him when you begin to succumb to their gravitational pull.

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