Let’s Pick a Fight!!!


Have you ever been in a fight?  I mean, not just a little scuffle, but an all-out fight?!  One that really put your nerves to the test?  I’m sure if we really think about it, we’ve been challenged at least at one point in our life.  The true question is how did you respond?  Did you puff out your chest, dig your heals into the ground and lift your head up in the face of uncertainty OR did you turn, run and never look back?  I can honestly say that I’ve been in both situations more than once.  Looking back, when I think of how I responded to the ones that I ran from, I had a little regret.  Nothing crippling, but enough of an impression that it has shaped how I face adversity now.

In the book of Joshua (5:13-15), Joshua is about to pick a fight with Jericho.  This is no po-dunk village that gives up without a fight.  This city is fortified by high walls to protect all who live within the city.  Here we have Joshua getting ready to overthrow a powerful people in the Name of the Lord – puffing his chest out and stepping into a daunting situation in Faith (trusting in the Lord).  His resolve is now established in what he is to do.  Suddenly, a man with a drawn sword is standing in front of Joshua.  Wisely, Joshua asks this man, “Are you for us or for our enemies?”  What happened next was not anticipated by Joshua.  The man said, “Neither”, signifying that He didn’t need Joshua or Israel to fight this battle.  Rather, it was Joshua and the Israelites that needed the Lord’s providence to see Jericho’s walls fall.

I’m calling us to pick a fight!  Not an aimless, reckless or foolish fight.  What I challenge you as well as myself in is to turn to God, ask Him what breaks His heart and to follow His Spirit to pick a Holy Fight!  How do you and I do this?  Just like Joshua did, “facedown to the ground in reverence.”  We then need to ask, “what message does my Lord have for His servant?”

Any fool can pick a fight, but it takes a Child of God to pick a Holy Fight.  Let the Holy Spirit impress the message for His servant and then respond in faith to what is asked.  In the midst of adversity, trust in the Lord and in His providence for you and watch the Lord in His glory for His Name’s sake.  Now let’s go and pick a fight!!!

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