For Time and Eternity


I know this sounds like a Soap Opera title or some “chick flick” thing, but I want each of us (male and female) to comprehend the words of this article.  Let me first start off by briefly painting a picture of time – more specifically, 2013. 

This year (2013) my wife and I added a fourth child to our family by the grace of God.  He trusted us enough to give us another little blessing.  Some may see the number of children we have as a “death wish of insanity”.  Others may see it as a “tax right off”.  Kim and I however see it from a different set of lenses.  This set of lenses is fairly new for us as we mature in our faith, but it is real enough to us that I’m taking the time to write about it and share it with you.

The lenses in which I’m speaking about are “eternal”.  What I mean by that is, what we do in our temporal time is constantly pointing to our eternal time.  How do Kim and I not go insane having four young children?  How can we afford to have such a big family on one income?  In fact, how can we have more now than when we had more than twice the income?  It’s all about choice.  We have hundreds of choices each day that we make.  Will I get out of bed?  Will I get out of bed at a set time or will I hit the snooze button a dozen times before I realize that the will of my alarm clock is stronger than my will to sleep in?  What will I eat for breakfast or will I pass this meal entirely.  Will I drink a 5 hour energy drink because I was too lazy to fry up some protein we call eggs?  Will I say “hello” to my fellow co-workers or look down as I see them approaching…as to not engage in any verbal banter?  I hope you get the point in that EVERYTHING we do, we make a conscious choice to do something.

Now imagine with me for a moment that you have these special glasses where, when you put them on you can see into the future.  This future is full of hope and love and legacy.  This future is where your children and grandchildren are.  This future is a kind of “Utopia”.  Now I want to be clear here in this illustration.  I’m not setting you up for a “Prosperity Gospel” where if you will it into existence that God will bless you with bags of money and unlimited power.  Nor am I teaching you Greek Philosophy so that you will leave the Christian faith so that you can worship Zeus and his plethora of subordinate (fake) gods.  What I’m saying is that we need to set a course and have an objective in leading our life and the lives of those God has entrusted to us.

Okay, back to the special glasses now.  I keep hearing that 2013 “flew by so fast” and that we really didn’t have much to remember to slow time down for a bit.  I beg to differ.  Having another child added to our family really has helped open my eyes (spiritually) to the amount of time I spend (physically) on things that are NOT going to last.  The question I keep coming back to is “why”?  Why would I dedicate so much time to things that will ultimately break and/or fail me?  It’s because I didn’t choose to wear the spiritual glasses that Christ gave me through faith.  It’s because I can be lazy and there’s an excuse for every apathetic thing I push aside in life.

So what have these spiritual glasses shown me as of today?  They have shown me that my time on earth is very limited and that I need to make the most of each day – to invest in my wife and my children to give them Jesus’ love and grace – to show them what it means to be a sacrificial husband who lays his life down for his bride.  I mess it up all the time, but by the grace of God, He gives me a fresh start every day to do it all over again.  I will leave you with some spiritual glasses that God has given me and that is this, “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)  I pray that you will seriously look at the choices you’ve made today and look at tomorrow as a fresh start that God has blessed you with and to do it ALL for the glory of God.  You and your family will be blessed spiritually for it…and who knows, there may be a bag of money in it too!

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