Lenten Devotion 04.04.2014

April 4 – Friday
Fasting Item(s): TV, Movies, DVD’s & Videos.
Today’s Scripture: Luke 12:15 “Then he said, ‘Beware!  Guard against every kind of greed.  Life is not measured by how much you own.’” NLT
Question: Can I borrow some money?
Devotion: Do you remember when you were in school and there always seemed to be people asking to borrow some money?  Maybe you were the one lending or maybe you were the borrower, either way, you can recall this familiar series of conversations.  After a day or more had passed, do you recall the person asking for the money back, knowing that you didn’t have it or that the money you did have was already spoken for?  A pretty stressful situation to say the least.  You’ve heard of Loan Sharks – I’m sure they aren’t really interested in Luke 12:15.  You’ve heard of hoarders – I’m sure they aren’t really interested in Luke 12:15.  You’ve heard of Imelda Marcos – I’m sure she isn’t interested in Luke 12:15 either.  Bottom line, greed does not take kindly to the Word of God.  What can we learn from greed or more specifically, the love of created things?  We can learn that we need to be on guard against showing any created object (or person) too much interest.  “They stirred up His jealousy by worshipping foreign gods; they provoked His fury by detestable deeds.” (Deuteronomy 32:16 NLT)  God is not amused by our covetous and greedy longing for more stuff.  I can only imagine how He feels when we take the very things He blesses us with and flaunt it in front of those who have less.  I can only imagine the source of His anger towards sin and our willingness to wallow in lawlessness.  May God relent against our indifferences to His loving kindness.  May God hear the prayers of the few who actually pray for someone other than themselves.  And may God, today, slow the abundance flow of those who use those resources for selfish reasons.  May we turn our eyes to the Maker of heaven and earth and may our greed be measured by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in us to other people, for His glory and the hallowing of His name.  He is able, if you are willing.  “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”  (Philippians 1:6 NLT)
Prayer focus: Kids and Parents pray for your school leaders, church leaders and co-workers.

Here’s the free Lent Calendar to follow along the path God is calling us to. Take others on the journey with you, but not in a “look at us” sort of way. This is a humble journey to be endured with the help of God.

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