FLOW – Part 1 – Exile


I’ve come across a new study on the Gospel and I’ve been quite compelled to share it with you.  But before I dig into Episode 1, I’d like to share the video trailer to this simple, yet deeply thought provoking artistic approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So without further or do…

Episode 1 – Exile

In this episode, Evan Koons (the main character in this series) begins by asking the question, “What is salvation for?”  This first episode revisits something so foundational to our Christian walk that it’s easy to overlook and misunderstand.  God tells us we are exiles, strangers and pilgrims on the earth.  Our calling is to a “better country,” an eternal dwelling.  And yet—and here’s where it gets tricky—our calling is also FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD.

That means God isn’t calling us to a bunker mentality (Fortification). He also isn’t calling us to dominate the culture around us (Domination) or to simply blend in to get along (Accommodation).  So how exactly are we supposed to engage the world?

Without sharing every little detail of this episode, I would like to highlight one HUGE epiphany that I came across – “All is gift.”  God gave everything to Adam (and Eve) as a gift of His love toward them…except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  That was not given to them, but rather excluded from the “All is gift” life.  So if we are the offspring of Adam and Eve, and “All is gift” to them, then “all” should be “gift” to us as well.  The bigger question now is, “How does the idea that “All is gift,” change the way you approach your daily work and interactions with others? Is your work a heaven-ward offering? What are the ways you might carry out the calling to be a royal priesthood, to bless others with the gifts God has blessed you?

If you’d like to check this out in greater detail…which I highly recommend, feel free to click over here (studyspace.org is free to sign-up for) to purchase all 7 Episodes ($10), with questions, commentary and Scripture to guide this journey of discovery in Christ.  Stay tuned for the next episode (Economy of Love).


1. Jesus gave his life for us, restoring our communion with God and renewing our calling as gift givers. Through his sacrifice we have the power to love with his love and bless others with the gifts he bestows. My heart rejoices over this reality.

2. I need wisdom to know how to use the gifts God has given me “for the life of the world.” God promises to give wisdom to all who ask. Knowing his ultimate purpose is restoration fills me with hope and expectation.

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