Are You An Ally?

Let me begin by saying that I know this title and image are going to put people on the defensive immediately, but that is all part of the plan.  Please take the time to grab some coffee, or whatever beverage you prefer and sit back and listen intently on what I’m about to say.  This could mean an eternal difference for someone someday.

Before I begin making my point(s), let me first say that this is what I believe God has been working on my heart with.  This isn’t a response to anyone or any specific conversation, but is a response to how the Holy Spirit is actively working out my own salvation (with fear and trembling).  I’m sure you are hoping that I get to the point quickly.  Perhaps because you have somewhere to be and the title of the article seemed relevant to today’s news or because you are looking for data and facts about the subject.  Perhaps it’s because you know of someone who is an ally or part of the LGTB community.  This is indeed a complex topic with real-life people involved on all sides of the debate.  That’s not what I want to talk about here though.

Today’s focus is about people.  More specifically, it’s about God’s people and His message of the Gospel to ALL people, regardless of their sexual orientation.  Now I will openly disagree with Tony Campolo’s recent acceptance of “gay marriage” and will gladly sit down with whomever to make my biblically-based points, but will NOT engage in the passive-aggressive banter that comes with social media.  The focus is about real people, with real emotions and hearts that desire to be loved and belong.  I KNOW, that only Jesus Christ can bring complete healing or give life-long strength to endure our desires of the sinful flesh.  I have my own sinful leanings toward other areas of my life that are deserving of God’s judgement and wrath.  So what are we as a fallen people to do with our sinful flesh?

Looking at what God tells His people in 2 Corinthians 5:20, we are called “Christ’s Ambassadors” and as His ambassadors, He is making His appeal to all people through us.  Paul says, “We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.”  This means, do not live as people condemned by their sin, but live as people who are daily forgiven of their rebellion against a holy God and let Christ reconcile you back to Himself.  When people who are aware of their sin and perhaps are curious how much sin is too much can see you through daily repentance and renewal, they will begin to see that the power of Christ’s sacrifice is not too weak to remove even the filthiest of sin from a person’s life.

Are we called to be “allies” for people who are different (or the same) as us?  Or, are we called to be “Ambassadors of Christ” to all people?  Are you reconciled to Christ today?  Meaning, have you repented of your sin today?  If the answer is no or not yet, then I would encourage you to take the time you do have and trust in Jesus’ mercies as you are being forgiven of the darkness in your life.  Even if your neighbor is unaware of this darkness, Christ knows and is not fooled.  Be forgiven and known for the glory of God.

May we be bold in the work of the LORD in our lives and may our testimony of Him who saves us be seen to the world around us. We are Christ’s Ambassadors in this life.

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  1. I am all for the LBT community. They do extrordinary things for the advancement of The Kingdom of God!
    Of course I an referring to LBT–Lutheran Bible Translators! Bible trivia question–how many sons did Abraham have? I guessed 2!…Answer rhymes with “mate.” I find precious few exemplary marriages in the Bible…yet Almighty God has created marriage (one man – one woman – children) with perfect standards of purity…Joseph, son of Jacob and Joseph, son of Heli are two of the best marriages in all of Scripture….many marriages in the Bible are embarassing to say it politely…an abomination to say it bluntly –David, Solomon et al…what astounds me everyday I study the Word of God and the world around me is the depth and height and width and breadth of the hesed love/grace of Almighty God. I find my connection to humanity more in my subtle rebellion, shame and utter brokeness than I do in my self righteousness and even imputed righteousness…I identify with Adam–the first Adam–as a married guy in desperate need of cleansing and clothing. I didnt have single life figured out and I dont have married life figured out…but this I am most certain about that when I plea, beg, cry out for mercy to Almighty God, He reminds me of how gloriously He loves me! “Oh how He loves us!” Now Im channeling David Crowder or is it John Mark McMillan…it’s JohnMark…”Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss” When Jesus came to earth perfection touched imperfction*–it was beautiful and gloriously messy. Perfection not only touched imperfction but infused–absorbed wholly imperfction at a costly intersection of justice and mercy. “Tell me what is it about the name of Jesus Christ that makes men fight within against the sin; against the night; dark or light; day or night polarized…time keeps slipping into the future I dont wanna lose ya you must make a decision soon LIFE or death….Holy is The Lamb who was slain …YHWH” sang the prophets John and Josh. I am in awe of Jesus’ commitment to me–His desire to make me and keep me holy despite my occasional wandering ways…Jon

  2. I recently spent time, as a intern, fully immersed in the “reconciled with Christ” community and congregation of a LBGTQ congregation as a director of family ministries. I am a very traditional, biblically believing and following Christian. I found a community that has the same desires, hopes, and dreams as I do…..many there hoped by the end of my internship that my theology had changed, due to this immersion. I told them, though my theology hadn’t changed, how I would approach a person of this community has. Yes, we are called to love those who are yet lost…..but with truth and kindness.

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