Praiseworthy Enough?

I have a question I have been mulling over lately, a test, if you will. The test? “Is catastrophe praiseworthy?”  My hypothesis?  “Praiseworthiness can only be validated through the good that comes through God.” One can not simply make a hypothesis without verifying it through empirical data.  Let me share … Continue Reading Praiseworthy Enough?

What Say You?

Have you ever caught yourself saying something that scared you?  Words that just leapt out of your mouth?  Perhaps something in the line of, “I can’t believe you are that stupid!” or “Does everything you touch end up broken?!”  Whether you’ve said similar things or heard these types of words … Continue Reading What Say You?

Politics at its best

On the close of the Second Debate of the 2012 Presidential Candidates, we see both opponents verbally attack and almost get into an actual physical scuffle.  Now I’m not old enough to have seen numerous debates of this caliber, but I’m curious to know if they are all like this? … Continue Reading Politics at its best

Joepa… ):

There has been a huge buzz around Happy Valley Pennsylvania lately with the scandal of Joe Paterno allegedly covering up sexual abuse with a minor on Pennsylvania State’s campus.  There are many levels to how wrong this really is.  Without going into disgusting detail, a 10 year old boy was malested by … Continue Reading Joepa… ):

YMCP Session 1…

After looking at how I currently minister to others and then participating in my first of 6 sessions with the Youth Ministry Coaching Program, I am now encouraged to have a renewed focus and joy in serving the kingdom of God. Being part of a great group of peers in … Continue Reading YMCP Session 1…