FamilyBasedConfirmation (FBC)

The Purpose of Family Based Confirmation:

To provide parents with the opportunity to teach, pray, and grow with their student as they become a member of  their church by studying the Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism.  Did you know that Martin Luther’s original intention for the Small Catechism was for it to be taught by parents to their children?  The Family Based Confirmation program helps make Luther’s intent a reality while parents embark on this spiritual journey with their kids.

The Benefits of Family Based Confirmation:

One of the most exciting aspects of the Family Based Confirmation program is that it actively involves parents in the spiritual lives of their children.  Parents have the opportunity to learn alongside their child, answer questions about spiritual topics, and help develop spiritual habits in their children.  Because of the “at home” aspect of this program it actually provides students with the opportunity to learn more about Lutheran doctrine and the Scriptures.

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