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There has been a huge buzz around Happy Valley Pennsylvania lately with the scandal of Joe Paterno allegedly covering up sexual abuse with a minor on Pennsylvania State’s campus.  There are many levels to how wrong this really is.  Without going into disgusting detail, a 10 year old boy was malested by a former assistant football coach (Jerry Sandusky) and Joepa knew about it.  He shared this issue with the AD of Penn State, but never with the appropriate law authorities.  Joepa has made comments about protecting the students that have been entrusted to him and that it is his honor, but then to hear that he was part of a cover-up for one of his close friends at the expense of this young boy…that just makes me sick.  It’s an understatement to say that I am glad he was fired for such an atrocity.  If Joepa’s concern is to care for each student as if it were his own child, but then to cover-up obvious abuse for over 13+ years…I don’t know about you, but this is more than just being a hypocrite.

I am saddened by our society’s priorities.  Putting sports or other extra-curricular activities first seems to always take a precedent.  Morals and ethical values are cast aside as if life had no value outside of sports.  This is a prime and horrific example of how out of control our society has become.  Cancelling the remaining Penn State football season is a must at this point.  An example needs to be made and the least the university can do is to minimize the collateral damage that has transpired.  My prayers go out to the real victims in this story – the young boy who Sandusky victimized and potentially others who have yet to come forward – the families of those who have been in the middle of this scandal – and the Penn State students who are blindly supporting Joepa because he is a legend in Happy Valley.  May God be gracious in His judgement.

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